Prosecutor General Andrei Shved presented passports of citizens of the Republic of Belarus to children of colleagues

Today, at the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Shved presented passports to children and grandchildren of prosecutors and employees of the Prosecutor’s Office.


The event was timed to coincide with the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus as part of the all-Belarusian action “We are citizens of Belarus!”.

Addressing young patriots of the Motherland, Andrei Shved said: “You will receive your passport at the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War. It is no coincidence that we decided to hold this event here. Firstly, we are doing this in the Year of Historical Memory. Secondly, it is very important that each of you understands how great the Victory of 9 May, 1945 was. Let each of you look into what happened. It is necessary to realize a very important thing: you are the bearers of the truth, you are the bearers of victory, the greatest victory... We need to protect our country, we need to understand that we have no other land, as the Head of State said... And when you grow up, you will bear the responsibility to make our country continue developing, continue to be an independent and prosperous State.”

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Having presented the young people with passports, the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and gifts, the Prosecutor General wished them a peaceful sky over their heads, health, achievement of their goals, success in all endeavors for the good of the Motherland.

After that, creative teams of higher education institutions made performances for the participants of the event.

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At the end, the children and their parents had a guided tour in the exhibition hall “Genocide of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War”.

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As part of the event, Andrei Shved also spoke with representatives of mass media.

The video broadcast was conducted by the Belarus Today Publishing House

Photo: SB. Belarus Today,

Department for Interaction
with Mass Media and Editorial Work
of the Prosecutor General’s Office

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