Tasks and Functions

In conformity with Article 4 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus “Оn the Prosecution Service of the Republic of Belarus” dated 8 May 2007 No.220-З, the tasks of the Prosecution Service are ensuring the rule of law, the law and order, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens and organisations, as well as interests of the public and the State. In order to fulfill these tasks, the Prosecution Service executes supervision over: 

strict and uniform enforcement of laws, decrees, orders and other regulatory legal acts by the national bodies of public administration and other state organisations subordinate to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarusи, local representative, executive and regulatory authorities, public associations, religious and other organisations, officials and other citizens, including entrepreneurs (hereinafter – supervision over enforcement of the law); 

enforcement of legislation in the course of operational and search activity; 

enforcement of the law in the course of pre-trial proceedings, preliminary investigation and inquiry; 

congruence of court rulings with the law, as well as compliance with the law during execution of court rulings; 

compliance with the law in the course of execution of punishments, other criminal responsibility measures and measures of coercion. 

The Prosecution Service coordinates law enforcement activity of the public bodies carrying out fight against crime and corruption, as well as activities to counter crime of the organisations participating in the fight against crime. 

The Prosecution Service carries out preliminary investigation in the cases provided for by the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Belarus.  

Prosecutors take part in consideration by courts of civil cases, cases related to performance of entrepreneurial and other economic activity, pursue public prosecution in criminal cases, take part in administrative process in conformity with the Code of Civil Procedure of the Republic of Belarus, Code of Economic Procedure of the Republic of Belarus, Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Belarus and Code of the Republic of Belarus on Administrative Offences Procedure and Execution (hereinafter – procedural legislation).