The Prosecutor General Andrey Shved met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to the Republic of Belarus Alex Goldman-Shayman

Taking into account the interest shown by the Israeli party in the investigation of the criminal case on genocide, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Shved met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to the Republic of Belarus Alex Goldman-Shayman.

The conversation was devoted to aspects of interaction in the investigation of this criminal case, including the reburial of bone remains of civilians, as well as to issues of international legal cooperation.

Greeting the diplomat, Andrei Shved thanked him for the attention to the activities of the Prosecutor General’s Office in investigation of genocide.

“We are open for dialogue and ready to work together,” said Andrei Shved.

In response, Alex Goldman-Shayman emphasized the historical importance and uniqueness of this criminal process conducted by the Prosecutor General’s Office. He agreed with the need to establish all facts of genocide, including taking into account the tragic events of the Holocaust: “This is a huge and important project... From our side, we are ready to help... If you need our help with translations, we have academic experts, the Yad Vashem Museum, which has experience in connection with historical investigations.”

The Prosecutor General drew attention to the parallels between the events of wartime and the policies of individual states.

“Today, what is happening in relation to Belarus, is happening in many respects from the territory of those countries where fascism, genocide, and the Holocaust once came from – those things that must not be forgotten. As soon as we forget it, everything comes back. Unfortunately, Nazism did not die, but acquired a second wind,” said Andrei Shved.

He stressed that Belarus has always respected the traditions and customs of all nationalities and will adhere to this approach in the work on the criminal case on genocide. He assured that the information of interest to the Israeli party will be provided to it, including concerning the search for the relatives of the victims, the conduct of expert research.

When the Ambassador asked about cooperation with Russian colleagues, the Prosecutor General said: “We are informing the President of the Republic of Belarus in detail about the progress of the investigation. And at a recent meeting with the Prosecutor General of Russia, the Head of State suggested that we go to a higher level. Currently an international investigation team is being formed, which includes our colleagues from Russian law enforcement agencies.”

The Prosecutor General recalled that earlier the prosecutor’s office had sent a request to the competent institution of the State of Israel for legal assistance in the framework of a criminal case on genocide. In particular, the Prosecutor General’s Office asked for materials, archival data on the facts of mass extermination of civilians in the territory of the BSSR.

“It is important for us to study the experience of the State of Israel in collecting, processing and transferring documents within the competence for the worldwide recognition of genocide,” said Andrei Shved.

The meeting discussed the issue of concluding an agreement with the competent authority of the State of Israel in the investigation of crimes against the peace and security of mankind, genocide, war and other grave crimes, the draft of which will soon be sent to the Israeli party.

Alex Goldman-Shayman expressed interest in maintaining constant contact on the issues discussed and participating in the development of international legal cooperation.

Following the meeting, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to the Republic of Belarus expressed their readiness to strengthen cooperation in order to promote historical justice.

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