The doors of Lepelsk District Prosecutor’s Office open again after a complete overhaul – Andrei Shved, Prosecutor General, congratulated colleagues on that occasion

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Shved, participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a renovated building of Lepelsk District Prosecutor’s Office. 

The event was joined by the Vitebsk Region Prosecutor, Vadim Sushchinski, and the Chairman of Lepelsk District Executive Committee, Mikhail Kiselevich. Among the invited guests were colleagues from other divisions, as well as public officials of the construction subcontractor, “Vektor-A” Double Liability Company. 

For reference: The Prosecutor’s Office building was constructed in 1977, and it has not been repaired or renovated ever since. Earlier this year, the constructors completed facade and utility system renovations, fixed the ceiling structure, and installed thermal insulation. 

“Employees’ effectiveness is increased in case of the provision of good working conditions and equipment. However, creation of these conditions is only part of the process. The main asset here is people who will work inside the offices, their feelings and thoughts, the mood to fulfill their professional responsibilities,” Andrei Shved noted. 

Visitors will also experience the positive changes – there is a special room for reception of citizens, barrier-free environment for people with special needs, including a parking space for the handicapped. Among other good news, the District Prosecutor’s Office has been granted a brand-new official car and the Territorial Prosecutor, Vitali Zhigimont, has been awarded a class rank of the Councilor of Justice. What’s more, apple trees will be grown on the premises of the District Prosecutor’s Office as Andrei Shved and Vadim Sushchinski planted their first apple young plants. 

Andrei Shved thanked the local authorities for their help and expressed his strong adherence to continue the valuable cooperation, he wished good health and success to the colleagues. 

When talking to journalists, the Prosecutor General informed on selective renovation of these facilities that need to be repaired. “We have in mind a few District Prosecutor’s Offices, for example, a thorough modernization of the Minsk Region Prosecutor’s Office building. The next year will see a complete overhaul of the Prosecutor General’s Office building, let us give it a modern silhouette. But once again – the key point is to conduct interior renovation, to adapt the Prosecutor’s Offices to modern standards that are already in place inside most state institutions. We’ll do it in a number of years,” Andrei Shved added. 

The Prosecutor General answered the media questions regarding stabilization of the current social and political situation in Belarus. 

Photo:, Lepelsk District Prosecutor’s Office 

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