Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Konyuk made a working visit to Gomel city

In the framework of a working visit to Gomel city the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Konyuk visited Gomelsteklo OJSC and Spartak JV, where he got acquainted with the enterprises’ activity and held a personal reception for citizens. 

At Gomelsteklo OJSC the head of the supervisory authority was interested in production facilities, technologies and the product sales market. 

For reference. Gomelsteklo OJSC employs more than 2 thousand people. The general activity is large-format thermo-polished glass sheet production. Supplies are made to Ukraine, Russian Federation and European Union. 

Enterprise employees addressed to the Prosecutor General with issues related to housing development, responsibility for involving minors in drug and psychotropic trafficking, anti-corruption commission activity in the organization, and officials' liability for failure to fulfill contractual obligations. 

Simultaneously people made suggestions for the further infrastructure development in the regions: on the construction of a large shopping facility in the Kostyukovka district, the possibility to change the schedule of public transport taking into account enterprise schedule. 

Alexander Konyuk answered substantively to all questions, explained legislative provisions. Some appeals are taken under control to be solved. 

Visiting the Spartak JV Alexander Konyuk was wondering whether enterprise working conditions are suitable, whether wages are paid regularly, and whether product promotion on foreign markets is efficient. 

The head of the factory answered the questions of the Prosecutor General, also informed about the performance figures, manufacturing and raw materials base, familiarized with the basic technological processes and related administrative measures. 

For reference. About 2 thousand people are employed in the Spartak joint venture, the enterprise produces confectionery and semi-finished products. Products are exported to 20 countries, the principal market is the Russian Federation.

During a personal reception factory employees asked Alexander Konyuk what measures had been taken in the country for safe military service and road safety, including increasing responsibility for offenses and crimes related to driving in a state of intoxication. 

In the course of reception the Prosecutor General considered each application, answered the questions, and, if necessary, gave instructions to the territorial prosecutors. 

The practice of receptions for citizens in the regions will continue. 

On the same day, Alexander Konyuk congratulated the officers of the prosecutor’s agency in the Gomel region, who were awarded state awards for various exemplary duties — medals “For Impeccable Service” of various degrees. 

Photo: Prosecutor’s Office for Gomel region

Press service of the Prosecutor’s Office for Gomel region

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