Prosecutor General Andrey Shved took part in the restoration of poplar alley in the Memorial Complex “Trostenets”

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Andrey Shved took part in the restoration of the poplar alley at the Memorial Complex “Trostenets as part of the republican Saturday voluntary work day.

The event was also joined by the heads of a number of law enforcement agencies, representatives of diplomatic missions, public organizations, clergy.

The event was initiated by a memorial church in honor of All Saints and in commemoration of the victims, the salvation of our Fatherland by those who served, Belarusian Cultural Center for Spiritual Renaissance and the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.

For reference. During the Second World War, in terms of the number of victims of fascism, the death camp Trostenets became the fourth after Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka. In 1944, by order of the Nazis, young poplars were planted by the prisoners of the concentration camp on both sides along a narrow road leading from the Mogilev highway to the Trostenets camp. Hundreds of thousands of people went this "Road of Death" in order to be shot and burned.

On the site of the concentration camp on June 22, 2015, the memorial complex "Trostenets" was opened with a 10-meter central monument "Gates of Memory" - it became a continuation of the memorial, built on this site in the 1960s.

Primarily, prosecutors walked with lighted lamps along the "Death Road" to the place of the former barn on the territory of the concentration camp, where 6,500 people were burned in 1944. Then they laid a basket with fresh flowers on a granite pedestal with the inscription " Soviet citizens tortured and burned by the Nazi invaders in June 1944 are buried here." To the accompaniment of the All Saints Choir, an interdenominational prayer was performed for the eternal rest of souls of the slain”.

 After that, in commemoration of the shot and burned heroes, the participants of the event planted young poplar seedlings.

Andrey Shved emphasized that "everything possible must be done to restore the names of the victims."

“The sacred duty on this earth is to preserve the memory. Not only to preserve, but also to pass it on to our descendants,” said the Prosecutor General.

Photo: Prosecutor General's Office 

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