Prosecutor General Andrei Shved handled to the children of his colleagues the passports of citizens of the Republic of Belarus. Live video broadcasting was performed

Today, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Shved, within the framework of the event “We are the citizens of Belarus!”, dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus, handled the passports to the children of his colleagues from Minsk and other regions.

Addressing young citizens of the country, Andrei Shved said: “Today is a remarkable day that should become a part of your memory, your history. It's like going to the first grade, where you will find a first teacher, get acquainted a first friend. A passport is not only an indicator of your whereabouts, street, house, apartment. This is a confirmation that you are citizens of our sovereign country, where we govern life ourselves and plan the future. We have a Constitution, which provides the right to education, medicine, labor, the right to live and develop, the right “to be called people”. Having received the passport of the Republic of Belarus, you acquire its protection, assume certain obligations. It is very important for us, adults, to know with what background will our children replace us, what decisions they will take, including herein. We want you to understand how valuable it is to live in an independent and sovereign country that has its own national anthem, flag and emblem.”

The Prosecutor General wished the young people health, success, purposefulness in favor of their parents and of “our native Belarus”.

During the festive event, representatives of the National Center of Artistic Creativity of Children and Youth of the Ministry of Education; Belarusian State Pedagogical University, Belarusian State Economic University, as well as winners of the Republican Festival of Artistic Creativity of Pupils and Students “Art -holidays - 2020 " have performed poems, songs and musical works to the attendees.

At the end of the ceremony, the children were presented with gifts, and the artists - with bouquets of flowers.

The video was broadcasted by the Publishing House "Belarus Today"

Photo: Sovetskaya Belorussiya – Belarus Segodnya

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