"Each of you takes upon yourself an honorable and highly important mission of conscientiously serving the law." Andrey Shved took part in the ceremony of adjuration of the Prosecutor

In the Victory Hall of the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk, a solemn event took place - adjuration of the Prosecutor.

Among its participants are the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Shved, the prosecutor of the city of Minsk Oleg Lavrukhin, the prosecutor of the Minsk region Sergei Khmaruk, veteran of the prosecutor's office Taisiya Linnik, and the dean of the Church of All Saints Archpriest Fyodor Povny.

Adjuration is a significant event for every man in uniform.

Today 23 young prosecutors from Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev regions and the city of Minsk vowed to scrupulously obey the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, other legislative "acts and international obligations of the Republic of Belarus, to suppress any violations of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, achieving high efficiency in their activity, to actively defend the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, public and state interests ...."


In his speech, the head of the supervisory agency noted the importance of the event: "By adjuration of the prosecutor, each of you takes upon himself the honorable and very responsible mission of conscientiously serving the law, the people, the Fatherland ... You must not succumb to the unprecedented flow of pressure from outside, which is observed now. You need to think, analyze and make informed decisions. It is important that you understand the full responsibility that lies with you."


Veteran of the Prosecutor's Office Taisiya Linnik congratulated her young colleagues with the celebratory event.


Addressing young people, Archpriest Fyodor Povny said: “From the moment of your adjuration, you become a part of the state and embody its justice... Patriotism is a conscious desire to create a world around you, based on love to people ... You need to love people in spite of everything that you will see inside of them in your activity."


At the end of the ceremony, representatives of the supervisory agency laid flowers to the Minsk Hero City Obelisk in an homage to the memory of perished during the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.


During the event, the Prosecutor General also addressed to mass media members.

Answering a question on the requirements, applicable to enrolled prosecutor, Andrei Shved noted: "Every word is of great importance now – fidelity to duty, defense of the Fatherland, protection of the constitutional order. Young prosecutors who are adjudicating today are at the forefront of the fight and prevention of extremism and terrorism. It is important what is inside the person, how he is committed to the duty, to the country, how resistant he is to stress, how strong his will is to prove the truth, to defend the truth."

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