Andrei Shved: every case of violation of the public order will be immediately prosecuted and punished according to the law

During the first meeting of the Fourth Session of the Council of the Republic, Andrei Shved, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus, reminded that the participants of unauthorized demonstrations will face at least administrative liability for their illegal actions. 

“These measures are aimed to set forth the immediate lawful liability of the facilitators, participants and coordinator of the unauthorized activities. In particular, the Internal Affairs Bodies are instructed to promptly supply information on such individuals to the prosecutorial structures for further investigation. There is a well-established practice – if you come to the demonstration, be ready to face at least administrative punishment. In case, this will not be enough, the Prosecutor General’s Office is ready to go further and demand a more severe punishment for any violation of the established order,” – the Prosecutor mentioned. 

Special attention is given to the recovery of damage brought along by unlawful activities. Such issues as charge of medical treatment compensation in favor of law-enforcement officers and recovery of damage inflicted to services and institutions that are dealing with maintenance of the public order are under a strict control. “I’m convinced that due to the prosecutorial supervision, all damage to the state property will be recovered in the nearest future,” Andrei Shved noted. 

As of today, a serious threat is imposed not only by distribution of information via Telegram channels, but also due to the emersion of so-called local chats that are aimed at the creation of an alternative information space and further radicalization of citizens. “We have to hold liable those who participate in any of the outlined activities, moreover, it’s our duty to react on time and suppress the information channels and attacks via provision of the state position on the current situation. We’ll pay attention to preventive work with students and pupils. Children, especially minors, are to be safe from irresponsible actions of their relatives or other adults, who allow them to participate in illegal demonstrations and activities. The Internal Affairs Bodies have been ordered to identify such relatives and immediately provide the information to territorial Prosecutor’s Offices for further implementation of punishment,” the Head of the Supervision Body pointed out. 

We have to eliminate public tensions and prevent their further development within organizations, timely eradicate prerequisites that may lead to conflicts inside trade unions and settle down the existing problems in full compliance with the legislation. “Issues connected to the safeguard of working rights of the citizens, children welfare, supervision over legislation implementation in different economic spheres and fight against corruptions require a constant attention. Supervisory activity of the prosecutorial sector will help to punish all violators, safeguard interests of the citizens, society and state. And the only way to do so is to implement the approach that’s based on trustworthy facts, legal assessment of actions and situations. But without excesses, of course. Prosecutor’s investigations will experience decrease in their number but increase in quality and value,” Andrei Shved reiterated. 

Information is based on BelTA materials. 

Photo: Prosecutor General’s Office 

Press Office,
Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Belarus

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