Issues of development of digital economy were considered in the Belarus Hi-Tech Park.

The Prosecutor General’s Office and the Administration of the Hi-Tech Park discussed legal aspects of development of digital economy during a round table conference with the participation of representatives of IT community, as well as law enforcement and other state authorities.

The event was attended by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Konyuk, Director of the Administration of the High Tech Park Vsevolod Yanchevskiy, First Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization Dmitriy Shedko, Deputy Chair of the Board of the National Bank Dmitriy Kalechits, heads of IT companies Dmitriy Gurskiy, Anton Myakishev and others, as well as representatives of the State Control Committee, the State Security Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Operations and Analysis Centre under the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship. 


The aim of the forum is the development of common approaches to doing business in IT sphere in the light of signing of the Decree No. 8 “On the development of digital economy” by the President of the Republic of Belarus.

The discussion concerned the issues of creation of conditions for introduction of blockchain into the national economy, carrying out transactions with the use of tokens, increasing legal awareness and responsibility of the participants of relations existing in this sphere.

Those present noted the importance of ensuring lawful, effective and transparent work of IT business entities.

“Addressing the tasks concerning safe functioning and legal protection of participants of relations connected to modern financial technologies is only possible through joint coordinated actions on basis of trust and dialogue”, – underlined Aleksandr Konyuk.

As foreign experience shows, information and communications sphere has become an integral part of economy, although prone to its specific risks. Belarusian companies may get involved into illegal operations connected to legalization of criminal income, financing of prohibited activities, or become victims of fraudulent operations.

In the conclusion of the event the participants made a decision to create an expert working group which could prognose possible risks and prevent violations in the sphere of application of the named Decree.

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